The Holy Spirit is opening new doors, laying new paths and providing various and new tools unto us to reach out the Gospel.  It is a great privilege to be used by the Master, the Lord of the harvest. Here we are relating some of the channels through which the Lord is using us these humble servants. We have committed ourselves into HIS hands to accomplish HIS commission. We are waiting at Christ’s feet and preparing to live HIS next course of action. Each time after being used by our Lord Jesus, we can only humbly say “Jesus! We thank you for using us these worthless servants” As the work is increasing, the needs are also increasing simultaneously. But our Lord Jehovah – Jireh is also increasingly sufficient to meet all the needs.


Christ’s work through the CLJM is carrying on briskly. “Calvary Love Crusades” are held in various cities and countries as per the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Many thousands are being reached through each one of these crusades. HE is leading HIS chosen into HIS HEART. Many of them are non-Christians. We are witnessing a great REVIVAL AND GROWTH in the church in INDIA even in spite of the antagonism it is facing.Apart from the large public crusades small follow-up meetings, special need based Seminars, Workshops, Retreats & Bible Studies are carried out. Various age groups right from the adults even unto the kids and especially the non-Christians who have recently come into Christ are being effectively reached.


Is there anything too hard for the Lord…?     Through the Prayer & Healing Ministry Lord Jesus Christ is touching thousands of lives and wonderfully delivering their body, mind & soul. All glory to HIM.


It’s an awesome Privilege to approach the master’s heart and to intercede for you. You can feel free to write us your burdens and we will be seeking the master’s feet for you.

Please Note: Each Day Bro.Joe and Sis.Jessie are praying with great burden for countless many lives. The Lord is pouring His Spirit of Intercession upon these servants for his people