Special Prayer Services

Here are some Special Prayer Services which the Holy Spirit has commissioned them with for your benefit. You may also avail them and be blessed.

Friday Fasting Prayer (Indirect) : You may send in your prayer requests to be kept at the Lord’s feet specially each Friday. You would be required to join hands in prayer during this time. Every Friday Brother and sister would be fasting and praying for you and for Prayer Partners. You can have breakfast on Friday and please fast on Friday afternoon (IST) and spend time in special Prayer. Later, Observe the closing prayer time 7 pm to 8 pm (IST) and you can break the fast after 8 PM(IST)

Over Phone (Personal) : You may contact our CLJM office and the volunteers would be glad to fix up a phone appointment with Brother or Sister. They will be personally praying for you over phone interceding our Living God.  Ph:+91-9789088672

Over Phone (Prayer Warriors) : Even when Brother and Sister are not immediately available, there would be chosen and anointed Prayer Warriors who would be glad to pray for you. Pl.note brother and sister will be informed about your call and need and you will be back in contact with them. Ph:+91-9789088672 

Through Letters/Email : You may please send in your prayer requests either by Post(postage stamps) or by E-mail and do not forget to mention your Name, address and contact details and if possible also your photo attached please. Brother and Sister will be personally praying for your requests and mail you as per the Lord’s word and will. So please wait prayerfully.


Personal Prayer Time : You may contact our CLJM office for a personal prayer time when Brother or Sister are available. During this time either of them will be praying for you.